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We invite you to create your pilgrimage tour with us. Our team is able to offer personalized customer service for you and your group which takes the pressure off your shoulders. With our expertise and knowledge, Holy Travel is able to exceed your expectations and customer satisfaction by designing the perfect pilgrimage for you.

Interested in leading a group? Give us a call at 1(281)706-7016 we would love to hear from you. A group constitutes of a set minimum of travelers. Speak with one of our representatives today. Hear how you can create a pilgrimage tour and also benefit from leading a group.

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What is a group leader?

A group leader is different from a tour guide, so no need to worry. Holy Travel will provide you and your group with a certified tour guide. Once the tour begins, the tour guide takes over and you can enjoy the entire trip along with your group. A group leader's main task in to promote the pilgrimage trip by means of social media and announcements.

Speak to one of our representatives for more information regarding group leader benefits. Contact us