Power Adapter

Make sure you are able to power your electronics while abroad.

Power Adapter and Converter

Traveling through Israel and most Europe countries you should be fine using a Type C power adapter kit for devices that can handle high voltage electricity, such as: cell phones, laptops, and other battery chargers. However, you should always refer to your device's manual to be absolutely sure what voltage it can handle.

Most hotels have hair dryers, so we recommend leaving these at home if possible. If you would like to bring your own hair dryer, curlers, hair straighteners, or any other devices that cannot handle a higher electrical current, you will also need a power converter along with the adapter. The device should only be used with a converter. Using only an adapter will cause damage to these more delicate devices.

It is recommend to leave power strips at home. Most places will confiscate power strips since they may present safety issues.

Other Countries and Additional Information
You should check each of your devices to verify the type of currency it can handle and confirm what type of plug you will need per country you will visit. For more information on power adapters and converters, click here to refer to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) list by country.

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